The European Network of Outdoor Sports has been established following the Nature and Outdoor Sports Euro’meet conferences that were held in 2011 (Annecy, France) and 2013 (Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia). Participants recognised that no organisation was representing outdoor sports at a European level and called for a representative organisation.

ENOS was established formally on 2nd October 2013 in Liptovsky Mikulas and aims to be a network organisation for the development, promotion, employment and management of outdoor sports across Europe. A management committee has been elected and will lead the network to fulfil the aims.


  • Representing Outdoor sport in Europe
  • Promoting the benefits of outdoor and adventure sports including physical and mental health and well-being, educational opportunities, economic development, European citizenship, environmental awareness and territorial development.
  • Supporting the organisation and management of outdoor sports both on a national and transnational basis.
  • Encouraging trans-national approaches to the recognition of leaders, instructors and coaches, to develop mobility and employment.
  • Assisting initiatives that promote responsible and sustainable access and use of landscape, marine areas, habitats and eco-systems.


ENOS management committee and members


  • Chairman: François Beauchard (CREPS Rhone Alpes – France)
  • Vice Chairman: Maxine Gregory (Sheffield Hallam University – UK)
  • Secretary: Mike Mc Clure (Sport Northern Ireland – UK)
  • Treasureur: Andreas Thomaan (Munich University – German Ski Instructor Association – Germany)
  • Communication: Eduard Ingles Yuba (National institute of physical education of Catalonia – Spain)
  • Joao Zamith (Surf Club Viana – Portugal)
  • Christian Boyer (French Federation Of Horse Riding – France)
  • Julien Rebuffet – EO-MTBGing (European organisation of Guides and instructor of mountain bike / MCF France)
  • Hervé Delambre – (FITE – International Equestrian Federation)
  • Denis Boissiere (PRNSN – French National Outdoor Center – France)



Le réseau européen d’ENOS oeuvre au développement, à la promotion, et à la représentation des sports de nature à travers l’Europe.

ENOS a été créé suite aux réunion “Nature and Outdoor Sports Euro’meet” qui se sont tenues en 2011 à Annecy en France) et en 2013 à Liptovsky Mikulas en Slovaquie.

Représenter les sports de nature en valorisant la santé physique et mentale, le bien-être, l’éducation, la citoyenneté européenne, la sensibilisation à l’environnement et le développement territorial.

Nous encourageons les approches trans-nationales et la reconnaissance des dirigeants, des instructeurs et des entraîneurs, afin de développer la mobilité et de l’emploi.