Together we can increase the visibility of outdoor sports


ENOS is seeking new members from across Europe to join the network and develop a stronger voice for outdoor sports, the natural environment and all the benefits that they provide to societies across Europe.


  • Be part of a network of expertise which contributes to the development of outdoor sports
  • Share developments and ideas with European partners
  • Support the protection of our play areas of mountains, forests and water
  • Build connections to support opportunities for pan European funding
  • Promote your organisation across Europe through our website, events and publications
  • Develop your expertise by working with other outdoor sports enthusiasts in a European context


Type of organisation (Please tick as appropriate)
National Government Department or Agency (Membership Fee – 500€)
Regional Government Department or Agency (Membership Fee – 200€)
Local Government Department or Agency (Membership Fee – 100€)
National or International Federation of Sport (Membership Fee – 100€)
Educational Establishment (Membership Fee – 100€)
Research centre/institute (Membership Fee – 100€)
Other NGO (Membership Fee – 100€)

Commercial organisations (Please tick as appropriate)
Large company (turnover > €1 Million) (Membership Fee – 500€)
Medium Company (turnover 250K – €1 Million) (Membership Fee – 200€)
Small Company (turnover < 250K) (Membership Fee – 100€)

All members must support the ENOS European Charter

Active member

Active members have one of the following interests/issues:

  • a national or international remit for one or more outdoor sports OR
  • a role in developing a form or a number of forms of outdoor sports OR
  • a role in the training of leaders, instructors and/or coaches in outdoor sports

Membership fees range from 100€ for a regional NGO to 500€ for a national government agency.

Associate membership

Associate membership shall be open to any organisation within Europe that has:

  • an involvement in the Euro-meet OR
  • an interest in the development, management or impact of outdoor sports

Membership fee is 50€

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